Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skin Care for Man?

Hello Guys today we are going to talk about the products that are offered from mans by many cosmetics company. and i'l wil try to explain this issue
As we all know the skin is a very gentle organ which need to be treated on a daily base routine
However as far as the basic , all human share the same skin indeed there os changes beetwen diffrent people , some people have oily skin and some tend to have dry, but there is no much diffrence between genders,
So why so many cosmetics copmany offer product line entirely for man?
The answer is very simple - it all about marketing .So the products for man might have more
"manly" scent and packing but there will be no much diffrent in the ingridents
so for conclusion i recomend most guys to use whatever feel good for them , and not necceraly look for product for guys. the opposite since most cosmetics industry is designed for woman , the more effort and research which those company in those products which are mostly for womans

Do you have any comments?
i would love to hear you opinion

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